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Monthly Archives: November 2018


Gray Divorce In Georgia

By Buckhead Family Law |

In recent years, divorce statistics have shown two phenomena that until now was decidedly unusual – a lower rate among younger couples (under the age of 30), and a markedly higher rate of divorce among couples aged 50 and over. The latter is referred to by statisticians as ‘gray divorce,’ and it is becoming… Read More »

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Social Media Mistakes During Georgia Divorce

By Buckhead Family Law |

During a Georgia divorce, it is very human to want to let off steam. However, doing so on social media can be a very real mistake – in recent years, social media evidence has begun to be used in more and more divorce cases to affect issues like child custody, alimony and asset division…. Read More »

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Issues In High Asset Georgia Divorces

By Buckhead Family Law |

While it may sound classist or otherwise inequitable to the average person, the truth is that divorces involving high value assets are vastly different than those involving few assets. Questions come up in divorces of well off people that poorer couples simply  do not have to contemplate. They are important to be aware of,… Read More »

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