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Monthly Archives: April 2019


What Are The “Best Interests of the Child?”

By Buckhead Family Law |

In child custody and visitation determinations, one may hear the phrase “the best interests of the child” fairly often. This is the standard that Georgia courts must use when making decisions that concern the lives of children, most often during divorce proceedings. It is a good idea for you as a parent to have… Read More »

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Are Military Divorces Different than Civilian Divorces in Georgia?

By Buckhead Family Law |

Military couples face some unique challenges. Beyond the standard pressures that come with any relationship, the lifestyle can be hard on some couples. According to data cited by Military.com, approximately 21,000 military couples get divorced each year. In many ways, a divorce involving a member of the armed forces is similar to any ordinary… Read More »

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Seeking Changes To Child Custody

By Buckhead Family Law |

When a Georgia couple divorces, child custody is a topic that is generally dealt with during the proceedings. The state will grant parenting time and custody based on what it believes serves the best interests of the child or children, but sometimes, that ‘best interest’ will change over time. The child themselves may have… Read More »

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