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Monthly Archives: April 2020


Served with a Temporary Protective Order? Here’s what to do.

By Buckhead Family Law |

Georgia courts have the authority to issue temporary protective orders (“TPOs”) upon the filing of a sworn petition by an alleged family violence victim. After a petition is filed, a judge will examine the petition and, if the allegations sufficiently state a claim for family violence, the judge will issue an “ex parte” TPO—meaning,… Read More »

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What Can I Do If Child Support Isn’t Being Paid?

By Buckhead Family Law |

In these trying times, many parents are facing difficult decisions about how to pay bills and, in some circumstances, which bills to pay. Child support can be a significant financial obligation, but it is one that should not be missed if at all possible. If your former spouse or parent to your child has… Read More »

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What can I do if coronavirus interferes with my wedding plans? Will I lose my deposits with my venue and other contractors?

By Buckhead Family Law |

Coronavirus, or COVID-1, is causing a significant upheaval in our society, forcing people to cancel plans, including weddings, rehearsal dinners and other important events that have been planned for months (or even a year or more) and stay at home under orders from local and state governments. One side effect of these “shelter in… Read More »

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