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Category Archives: Asset Division


Who Gets The House?

By Buckhead Family Law |

Arguably one of the most controversial decisions to be made during a Georgia divorce is the disposition of the marital home, especially if there are no children. While Georgia is not a community property state, many times the house winds up being sold and the proceeds divided, simply because it represents the most equitable… Read More »

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Issues In High Asset Georgia Divorces

By Buckhead Family Law |

While it may sound classist or otherwise inequitable to the average person, the truth is that divorces involving high value assets are vastly different than those involving few assets. Questions come up in divorces of well off people that poorer couples simply  do not have to contemplate. They are important to be aware of,… Read More »

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The Peculiarities Of Georgia Asset Division

By Buckhead Family Law |

Georgia, like most states in the U.S., follows the equitable distribution system of property division during a divorce. Many people confuse “equitable” with “equal,” however, and are thus confused when they do not receive exactly the same equal share of marital property as their soon-to-be ex-spouse. When dividing marital property in Georgia, the split… Read More »

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